Christopher Lewis
    Agile and Executive, Transformation Coach

    What is an Agile Coach, Really?

    Everyone wants to be agile these days. But it’s hard to know where to begin, and what pitfalls to avoid. That’s why the role of Agile Coach is a hot career trend these days. Unfortunately, understanding the role is just as hard as the agile thing itself. What do they even do? What skills are required? How do we know they’re actually helping? Whether you are interested in becoming an Agile Coach or simply hiring one, this session is for you.

    Katharine Bodan
    Enterprise Agile Coach

    Agile Transformation Simplified

    It’s all the rage these days for executives to declare “We need to do more with less and do it fast”. Then, they’ll declare that our job now involves driving agile-at-scale, by the end of the year. It’s hard to argue with the drivers. Who do we involve now versus later? From among all our departments, where do we begin? How do we choose from over a dozen competing scaling frameworks? Why aren’t we making progress? Indeed, how do we even know when we’re making progress?
    In this energetic session, you’ll get insights on the hot trend of “agile transformation” that will move you from confused to confident.

    Christina Carlson
    CEO & Founder, Unstuck Leadership Development

    Unlocking the Full Potential for Women in Agile Leadership: Strategies for Personal Growth and Development

    Join us to level up your personal leadership – as a leader with more self-awareness, situational adaptiveness, balanced presence, and power, “Unlocking the Full Potential for Women in Agile Leadership: Strategies for Personal Growth and Development”

    In this interview, we will explore various strategies and techniques for women to unlock their full potential in achieving personal growth and development. We will discuss the importance of setting clear goals, identifying strengths and weaknesses of societal habits, and how to start to develop a growth mindset. We will also share tips for staying motivated and overcoming obstacles along the way. Whether you are looking to improve your career as a woman in leadership, relationships with other women in your organization, or your personal well-being, this interview will provide you with practical tools and insights for reaching your full potential. So join us on this journey of self-discovery and transformation!

    Apriel Biggs
    Founder Blagile

    Agile Prejudice: Fixing the DEI Gap in the “Empowered” Workplace

    Recent research has found the Agile movement has overlooked diversity, equity, and inclusion for the last several decades, leaving many people behind. Why? Weren’t Agile methods supposed to emphasize empowerment and collaboration for everyone? Why are women and people of color not getting the same experiences as others? and what should we do about it on our teams and in our organizations? In this provocative interview, Apriel Biggs shares trends, insights, and actions for adding more equity to your agility.

    Rashmi Fernandes
    Agility & Leadership Mentor & Coach

    Agile Burnout: How to Make Agile More Human Again

    For many executives, Agile methods are fundamentally about “going faster” or “doing more with less”. This leaves many teams and professionals in an Agile workplace that is fundamentally more toxic and more prone to burnout.
    How did this happen? Wasn’t it a key principle of the Agile movement to pursue sustainable pace? Weren’t we promised a people-centric office?
    Join us for a compelling discussion on what went wrong, and how we can restore more balance to our work.