Gregor Androjna
    PMO Consultant, Coach, and Instructor

    Making PMO Awareness with PMOexpert

    After 20 years in the industry, working in several positions, projects, and companies all related to PM, QA, CM, and lastly as Head of PMO, Gregor has found himself struggling to hold together the project execution portfolio and satisfy all PMO stakeholders, especially the discordant expectations of different sponsors.

    He quit the job from an unhealthy environment, as he now knows, it was, and started to learn, investing heavily in himself. “Well, that was the best decision ever.”

    Gregor started his own Freelance PMO Consulting business to be the help and support he has never found in Slovenia. The trigger was based on the PMO Strategies IMPACT Engine System Program/IMPACT Accelerator Mastermind group with Laura Barnard, which he joined. He experienced so many aha moments when connecting new knowledge with his former experiences and got all the needed tools and peer support that he can now use and pass on to his clients.

    His biggest challenge, passion, and satisfaction lie in helping organizations and people overcome change blocks while reaching the highest possible value in business strategy execution. When building or transforming a PMO, people need to go through cultural change, from operations to PM/PMO, and finally to a business mindset by overcoming Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement of the new way of working (ADKAR – Change Management model).

    Gautam Deviah
    Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Executive Coach

    The Response Factor: How to be Resilient Amidst Uncertainty and Change

    The Response Factor is the fastest way to stay on track for sustainable performance. Instead of reacting to change and uncertainty you learn how to take response-ability and be in control of your mental and emotional resilience. In this keynote participants will learn to focus, be calm and confident to take on challenges.

    Barbara Trautlein
    Principal, Change Catalyst LLC

    Lessons Learned from a Decade of Change Intelligently Leading Projects Around the Globe

    The CQ® System for Developing Change Intelligence® was launched a decade ago. Since then, the approach has helped tens of thousands of people and hundreds of organizations around lead through changes ranging from the pandemic to digital transformation to shifting workplace demographics. What have we learned? The answer is a great many lessons, which are directly applicable to the IMPACT audience, spanning from engaging sponsors and stakeholders, to creating change-capable cultures, to bolstering our own influence and power to make a positive difference. Join us for a provocative conversation, dynamic insights, and actionable implications that will benefit your organization, team, and career.

    Alexandra Chapman
    Co-founder And Co-Creator,
    Totally Optimized Projects

    Creating a Shared Language of Agreement for Business Sponsors and Project specialists

    Clarity of intention is critical to delivering successful projects. Everyone involved – business sponsors/managers and project delivery specialists – must be on the same page to succeed. This requires a Shared Language of Agreement that define the Desired Outcomes – what the future looks like when it is working just right.
    This presentation will explain simple techniques to quickly enable everyone involved in the delivery process to merge the different pictures in their heads to a single one where everyone can see the overall picture and where their own contribution fits.

    Candice Benson
    CEO, Benson Consulting Inc.

    The Real Cracks: 3 Key Reasons Why Your Projects Don’t Succeed

    Shockingly, 11.4% of company investment is still being wasted due to poor project performance. This means that more than$2 trillion a year is wasted by companies worldwide because of the ineffective implementation of business strategy. The reality is that we have spent so much time focused on choosing the right framework or methodology to address projects when the real cracks in the process are related to our project teams and people. For a project to be successful, we need people to implement behavioral and organizational change, which is often overlooked.

    But let’s be honest. Ensuring that you have fully thought through the impact of projects on your teams, leaders and clients before your big kick-off meeting sounds strenuous and time-consuming – and is about as exciting as watching paint dry to your project team and business leaders. However, what IS exciting is having a successful, impactful project which transforms your organization coupled with a comprehensive change management plan so that that transformation sticks! This means implementing activities that get results which are meaningful, measurable, monetizable, and lead to less rework.

    Join 23-year project management and change management expert Candice Benson, CEO of Benson Consulting, to focus on a new approach to driving projects aligned with the motivations of your people. For more than two decades, Candice has been in the trenches helping organizations like Pfizer, Fidelity, and Comcast and a who’s who of industry-defining brands to think differently about how they approach project delivery.

    Jay Stone
    Change Coach, Facilitator & CM Practitioner, Stone Changes

    Coaching (Not Coercing) People Through Change

    Despite the research showing coaching to be a powerful tool for developing sustainable change capability in the people of an organisation, it remains one of the most underutilised and misunderstood skill sets. This workshop equips you and your managers with coaching basics to embed change capability within your organisation, ensuring understanding, involvement, and proactive focus in change. Avoiding a dependency culture on leaders who provide all the answers or painful tactics of coercion, coaching instead empowers change leaders at all levels. Coaching, distinct from mentoring or consulting, supports individuals to process situations and make their own decisions, fostering greater investment in their actions. The workshop and workbook offer practical guidance for integrating coaching skills into everyday conversations for successful change, including identifying resistance sources, assessing involvement levels, using essential coaching questions, and enabling individuals to manage their own transition through change.

    Isolde Kanikani
    Transformation & OCM Delivery Lead, Pat4mation

    Building Organisational Change Maturity With the PMO

    Building organisational change maturity is a topic relevant for all organisational units initiating change, the Strategic PMO is no exception. An organisation’s change maturity will greatly impact its ability to transform at the speeds needed to stay relevant in these fast-moving times. By assessing an organisation’s Change maturity with a model gaging level of Change maturity ‘as is’ factors related to levels in the organisation and actionable growth areas, we can support organisations to understand their Change maturity level, and how to develop this alongside tailoring the approach to value creation for increased return on investment. Further still, a model that can be extended into a framework will be even more supportive to organisations seeking to effectively reaching strategic goals and outcomes. From recent research, there are two main types of maturity we should consider. The first is the actual ability of an organisation to change, to agilely move with the needs of the time. By creating a holistic picture of different types of change in an organisation, we open up options for strategic choice and best transformation path development. The second is the maturity of key disciplines that both initiate change and need to remain adaptable, often calling for a higher level of maturity. examples of these disciplines could be project management, data or quality management. The outcome of this research was a model to manage the change capability and a framework prototype that could unite the various types of discipline maturity in one overview for gathering insights and diagnosing next steps.

    Tom Raper
    Director, Customer Experience Solutions Consulting, KeyedIn

    How PPM Software is a Catalyst for Successful Organizational Change

    Change is constant and if you’re not ahead of it, you’re behind it. This session dives into how PMO leaders can become catalyst for successful organizational change with insight-led decision making to drive value and mitigate risk. See how project portfolio management software can help bridge the execution gap between strategic decisions making and project activity in real-time, enabling successful organizational change programs. Organizational synchronization is key to ensuring business value is delivered and organizational change programs are executed seamlessly. Become a catalyst for organizational change by leveraging the power of insight-led PPM software.

     Stuart Easton
    Founder and CEO, TransparentChoice

    Too Many Projects: The Serial PMO Killer

    Most PMOs have too many projects and this causes failure, delay, frustration, and endless chaos.
    Bring your sleuthing skills as we unravel the root causes of this crime.
    Together we will solve the mystery of how to prevent “too many projects” from happening to you.
    Like Sherlock Holmes we will base our investigation on real science and on research into human behavior, allowing us to banish this project serial killer forever.

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