Sepo Mwangelwa MD, MSc

    Dr. Sepo Mwangelwa, a Clinical Research Physician is a University of Zambia School of Medicine and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine graduate, involved in HIV vaccine trials and COVID-19 research, underscoring his dedication to global health impact.

    Beyond his clinical expertise, Sepo is a leadership mindset coach, merging his medical insights with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to elevate project management. As a board-certified NLP coach and practitioner, he transforms leadership communication, advocating that the mastery of self is the pinnacle of effective project management. His belief in the power of language to reshape thought and action has made him a sought-after speaker.

    Sepo’s mission is to forge a new breed of leaders—those adept in navigating complexities with enhanced communication skills, turning challenges into opportunities. His aim is to shape health policy worldwide and contribute to pivotal healthcare discussions.

    For the IMPACT community, Sepo presents a unique blend of scientific rigor and transformative leadership coaching. His goal is to inspire project managers to become unparalleled leaders who navigate the evolving landscapes of their fields with agility and insight, leading to a movement of elite leaders who excel in their personal and professional realms through exceptional communication and strategic thinking.