The Language of Influence: Transform Your Project Management Leadership and Communication – Sepo Mwangelwa

    In today’s rapidly evolving project management landscape, the traditional tools and techniques often fall short in addressing the complex dynamics of team leadership and stakeholder communication. This session introduces a groundbreaking approach by integrating the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) into the fabric of project management. Our journey will begin with an exploration of the NLP Model of Communication, offering a profound understanding of how our perceptions shape our reality and, consequently, our project outcomes.

    Attendees will be equipped with insights into the foundational aspects of NLP, focusing on how to harness the power of language to foster a deeper connection with their teams, inspire unparalleled motivation, and navigate through challenges with agility and grace. A key highlight of the session will be the concept of “Perception is Projection,” illustrating how project managers can transform their communication strategies to resonate more effectively with their audience, thereby enhancing leadership presence and project success.

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