Are THEY Resisting-Or Are YOU Not Leading? Uncover Your Leadership Blind Spots and Unleash Results! – Barbara Trautlein

    “Why don’t THEY get with the program?…..If only THEY would just…..” Sound familiar? Overcoming resistance – the holy grail of project/change management. Yet, what do these laments have in common? The focus on THEM – other people! So often we start off with the best intentions, but it starts to feel like we’re pushing the string – doing something “to” or “against” or even “in spite of” THEM. But what can we control? Only ourselves! Join us for a highly engaging presentation replete with real-world examples drawn from the presenter’s 30 years of in-the-trenches experience, in which she learned to “turn the mirror back on herself” and recognize how SHE was the barrier in the way! And how by changing herself, THEY changed too. Or more accurately – we don’t need to CHANGE ourselves, any more than we can force change on others. Rather, we’ll practice together how by reframing resistance in THEM from enemy to ally, identifying our own blind spots, and ADAPTING our mindsets and behaviors we can learn to lead in a new way. We’ll walk away with actionable insights to engage for change and get results.

    PMI Talent Triangle: Power Skills (Leadership) [ PDU]