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    IMPACT Engine System

    Take your PMO, transformation, or strategy delivery office from “Adminstrative Overhead” to highly valued business unit in 90 days, without having to pay 6-figure consulting fees. Are you ready to clear your PMO/SDO Path and elevate your IMPACT?


    TransparentChoice software takes decades of proven decision science and makes it accessible for anyone.

    Your organization’s most valuable assets don’t sit on your balance sheet. They sit on your chairs. We believe the key to winning in a knowledge-based economy is the knowledge of your people and that syndicating different perspectives delivers better outcomes than shouting on Zoom.

    Our solution is designed to facilitate this collaboration, while reducing both Noise and Bias, delivering governance-friendly transparency and a quantifiable basis for rational decision-making.

    IMPACT Accelerator Mastermind

    Elevate your career while delivering results. The only program of its kind providing a comprehensive leadership development and targeted training program designed to help you accelerate your PMO, transformation, or strategy delivery leadership journey and position you as the strategic business asset that your leadership team needs.


    PMOtraining partners with savvy C-level executives, PMO, and HR leaders to empower organizations to drive projects to successful completion. With a passion for PMOs and talent development, PMOtraining provides the expertise needed to elevate project management capabilities.

    IMPACT Entrepreneur Mentorship

    The IMPACT Entrepreneur Mentorship Program offers a comprehensive, hands-on approach designed to empower consultants, trainers, and coaches in effectively building and expanding their businesses. Participants benefit from insights gleaned from our referral-based consulting practice developed over the past decade, learning a groundbreaking system that ensures consistent results. Through hands-on coaching, they apply these strategies directly with clients, becoming certified in our approach and gaining priority access to partnership opportunities. This program also guides participants in exploring and developing services tailored to their consulting practices, fostering effective brand building and practice growth.

    Fortezza Consulting

    Fortezza Consulting was founded in 2013 to enhance the performance of organizational project portfolios. Utilizing the ACCLAIM™ framework, Fortezza Consulting integrates Agile, Critical Chain, Lean, and other techniques to increase project completion rates, prevent failures, and promote a “best tool for the job” approach to project execution. This comprehensive methodology ensures projects are delivered successfully and efficiently.

    The IMPACT Engine

    The IMPACT Engine is a comprehensive playbook that will help you accelerate business value, deliver sustainable change, drive higher ROI, increase stakeholder buy-in, and earn your place guiding organizational priorities.

    Following the six-stage road map, you will embrace the IMPACT Driver Mindset, secure quick wins, and scale value while addressing shifting business priorities―the key to sustained relevance at the leadership table as the Strategy Navigator your C-Suite needs by their side. Packed with real-world examples and downloadable tools, this system will help you ignite high-performance delivery across the organization.


    NimblePM offers thought-leading advice on executing strategy with a business agile mindset. Unlike organizations that advocate for “big change,” NimblePM believes in small, focused changes to drive digital transformation. By specializing in strategic investment selection, timely execution by the right people, and fostering a collaborative knowledge-sharing environment, NimblePM helps organizations achieve corporate goals faster and enhance innovation through better employee engagement.

    IMPACT Engine Consulting

    The IMPACT Engine Consulting offers a revolutionary solution for executives striving to bridge the gap between strategy and execution. With a streamlined, integrated system, it optimizes strategy delivery processes to achieve superior business outcomes swiftly, enhancing ROI. Choose from our hands-on or guided implementation programs to meet your needs, and elevate your PMO, transformation, or strategy delivery office to a highly valued business.

    Let’s Grow Leaders

    Let’s Grow Leaders assists human-centered leaders in finding clarity amid uncertainty, driving innovation, and achieving breakthrough results. Their leadership development programs and research-based techniques create sustained transformation. Let’s Grow Leaders equips leaders with practical tools to develop lasting habits and build strong, cohesive, and courageous organizational culture.

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