Bridge the Gap from Strategy to Execution to Accelerate your Results – Annmarie Curley

    Based on experience assessing a client’s organizational delivery maturity, this presentation will take attendees through an assessment of key capabilities that are required in every organization to accelerate business results.

    The Business Results Accelerator Maturity Model is based on 12 capabilities across Strategy, Leadership and Execution.

    Using tangible questions and examples, Annmarie will guide attendees through an assessment of their organizational maturity to identify gaps and opportunities to accelerate their results.

    Based on experience, Annmarie will share the challenges faced by organizations today in a world where competing priorities and an overwhelming amount of work is the norm. By assessing the maturity of the organization across these core capabilities, an organization can focus on developing key capabilities to eliminate churn, optimize their team’s efforts, improve team collaboration and engagement and ultimately, accelerate their results.

    Annmarie will share case study examples of organizations that have completed this assessment and implemented an Acceleration Plan to enable their teams to develop project management, leadership and strategic planning capabilities.

    PMI Talent Triangle: Business Acumen (Strategic and Business Management) [0.75 PDU]