Four Ways to Ensure Employer/Employee Success in a Remote Work Environment – Ashleigh Clark

    I’ve been a remote project manager since 2016. I’ve seen team members and leadership struggle with successfully delivering projects in a remote work environment. It really doesn’t have to be so difficult. I’ve built tons of successful relationships and networks while being fully remote. Let me show you what’s important using both sides of the story! We live in a remote world now. In the last few years, people have been working from home more than ever before.

    So, how do we make this sustainable and effective?  How do we minimize the impacts of the perceived drawbacks of remote work?  Well, it’s all about building trust and effective relationships on both sides.  We’ll explore how remote employees can set themselves up for success by being present, proactive, and accountable while also setting boundaries both at home and with work. We’ll also look at ideas employers can follow to enable their employees and companies to flourish while everyone is remote related to training, understanding, trust, and respect. Remote work is the future but it takes effort on both sides to make it effective.  Let’s talk about how!

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