Rachel Hentges
    Director of Marketing, The PMO Squad

    Navigating PMO Success in 2025

    This session will have you thinking differently about what PMO success will and should look like in 2025. Learn from the latest PMO Squad Research Report around PMOs discovering the areas where PMOs are excelling and where PMOs can improve. Join Rachel Hentges as she dives into the data related to PMO performance, people, processes and technology! Ensure your PMO starts 2025 off in the right direction!

    Tao Chun Liu
    Project Manager, US Army Corps of Engineers

    Navigating the AI Era: Harnessing Agile for Enhanced PMO Effectiveness

    This presentation delves into how Agile methodologies, enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI), are revolutionizing not just project management but the broader scope of Project Management Offices (PMOs). It highlights the role of AI in elevating Agile frameworks, which are pivotal for PMOs in navigating the complexities of modern, technology-driven environments. We will explore the strategic integration of AI within PMOs to foster adaptability and innovation across projects. This session will showcase practical examples of AI applications that streamline decision-making, optimize resource allocation, and enable dynamic project oversight, aligning with overarching business goals. Attendees will learn strategies to meld AI tools with Agile practices effectively, ensuring their PMO remains resilient and proactive in the face of rapid market changes.

    Mark Adler Madsen
    Partner and Co-Founder, Aspire Innovation

    AI for PMOs – bringing it into the present

    AI is here to revolutionize the world. The hype is everywhere, and most companies have set out to find ways to leverage it. There are countless webinars on it that all talk about an exciting future and all the things AI will be able to do for us. But how can you use AI in your PMO today? What are the actual, practical use cases? And which tools actually work?
    Join us for an enlightening webinar that explores the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence for PMOs. Discover how AI can help you today through practical examples showing how to use AI to your advantage today.

    Dr. Mona Zoughaib
    Co-founder and Managing Partner, We Grow Minds

    Navigating the Next: The Evolution of PMOs in Tomorrow’s High-Impact World

    In this engaging presentation at the Impact Summit by Laura Bernard, we’ll delve into the transformative journey of Project Management Offices (PMOs) as they evolve to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing business landscape. We will explore cutting-edge strategies and innovations that PMOs must adopt to stay relevant and effective. Emphasizing agility, technology integration, and strategic foresight, the discussion will focus on how PMOs can lead organizations towards future readiness, fostering resilience and driving success in an increasingly complex and uncertain world. Join us to discover how your PMO can not only survive but thrive in the future of work.

    Lindsay Scott
    Co-Founder, House of PMO

    A Checklist for PMO Career Advancement

    In this session we focus on your PMO career and take a deeper look at the components of professional and self development that really make a difference in your career.

    Every PMO professional loves a checklist so together we will explore the PMO Career Checklist covering the many different aspects that constitute your career in PMO.

    Expect to delve into on-the-job actions, training, skills, promotion, knowledge, behaviours, assessments, networks, competences and more!
    You’ll leave the session with the checklist itself, a career long companion to provide support and guidance as you continue your journey as a PMO professional.

    Deepak Daniel
    Simplexity Navigator

    Simplexity Tranformation Model

    Welcome to Simplexity!
    In a world often overwhelmed by complexity and ambiguity, we crave clarity, simplicity, and practical solutions. It’s with this spirit in mind that we present to you our “Simplicity Manifesto.” This manifesto isn’t merely a collection of ideas; it’s a call to action, a personal compass for navigating the intricate maze of complexity that often permeates both our personal and professional lives.

    Lee Lambert
    PMI Fellow

    Elevating PMO Leadership: An Interview

    Join us for an insightful and heartfelt session with Lee Lambert, PMI Fellow, Co-Founder of the PMP, and global thought leader with over 50 years of experience in Project Management. Lee and Laura Barnard, author of “The IMPACT Engine,” will dive deep into the transformative journey of PMO and Transformation professionals and the vital role they play in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

    In this session, Lee shares the importance of mentoring the next generation of leaders, or as Laura likes to call them, IMPACT Drivers. Inspired by their own experiences and the desire to pave the way for future professionals, Laura reveals the motivation behind her book and its mission to elevate the PMO and project community. Key topics include the strategic integration of strategy and execution, the critical role of PMO leaders in driving business success, and practical advice for overcoming challenges and achieving strategic goals.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical advice from two global influencers on a mission to make a lasting IMPACT on the profession. Whether you’re a seasoned PMO or transformation leader or just starting your journey, this session promises to inspire and equip you with the insights you need to drive success in your organization.

    Marcus Glowasz
    Project Management Advisor Data & Analytics Specialist

    Enabling AI Success in Project Management through Data & AI Literacy

    The role data plays in decision-making across all levels of organizations has never been more significant. Especially with the known potential of artificial intelligence, a well-established data ecosystem, and resulting data readiness became crucial factors. But to unlock the potential of big data for improved project delivery performance, project management professionals must invest in their data and AI literacy skills, tailored to the specific challenges, common behavioral and cultural constraints, and typical methods and processes in the project management domain, to enable and unlock the full capabilities of analytics and AI, including advanced methods beyond the GenAI models.

    In this presentation, attendees will learn about the necessary shift in thinking project management professionals have to undergo, to unlock today’s data capabilities, shape their profile for an AI-driven future, and drive the effectiveness and success of data, analytics, and AI in projects.

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