Meet the Players in Projectland: Decide the Right Project Roles & Get People on Board – Dawn Mahan

    Because people will make or break your success on a project, it’s worth investing the time to get the people part right. And just like any game, you need to know the roles and rules to win.

    In this lively discussion with author and editor, we’ll explore the following topics in the book, “Meet the Players in Projectland®: Decide the Right Project Roles & Get People On Board”:

    • Do most projects really fail? Why?
    • How does understanding the players in Projectland help us succeed?
    • What is Projectland and why is it different from business-as-usual?
    • What are the roles you’re likely to encounter in Projectland?
    • Do you know who your stakeholders are and what to do about them?
    • Can you really get the right people in the right roles and focused on the win?

    Through clever animal avatars and colorful stories, you’ll gain practical insights about the players you’ll face. Plus, by magnifying your people power, you will exponentially improve your ability to navigate the tricky terrain of Projectland® with confidence.

    Plus, get behind-the-scenes insights from the publisher and author.


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