Potent Tools for Change – Harry Max

    For organizations to survive, they need to prioritize. However, to thrive, they need to communicate those priorities to teams to determine what matters most so they can synchronize their attention, efforts, and investments. Those teams, in turn, must be composed of individual contributors and front-line managers who treat prioritization as more than a personal productivity or time management hack. The struggle is real.

    Prioritization is a deceptively tricky topic that lurks behind the scenes but informs everything. It’s a fundamental skill for organizations, teams, and ICs, and most people accept that it’s essential, but we are not taught how to do it. You can prioritize almost anything, not just goals, projects, and tasks; values, for example. Our main challenge is finding new methods to reach goals amongst multiple teams with conflicting priorities. There is some good news: there is a repeatable process model. And some approaches are better than others, especially for organizations and teams. This conversation will take the topic to a new level. It will also help you gain a profound new level of clarity about creating better plans and making smarter decisions.

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