PPM 2.0 – Andy Jordan

    The portfolio comes first

    Outcome – Understanding that portfolios should not be viewed as a consolidation of projects and programs but as a vehicle to achieve an organization’s strategic goals. Recognizing the importance of the PMO in building an effective portfolio.
    Attendees Will Create:
    This will be a planning activity where participants can identify the variables that contribute to goals, project selection and updated plans. Participants will walk away with a completed template of the issues that need to be considered in setting goals, defining the project mix in the initial portfolio and then updating portfolio plans.
    • Organizational goals (strategy, competitor actions, market opportunities, customer demands, etc.)
    • Project mix (business cases, cost / benefit analysis, alignment with needs, work distribution, business area distribution, risk distribution, etc.)
    • Updated plans (performance variations, shifting goals, new opportunities, benefits variances, etc.)

    PMI Talent Triangle: Business Acumen (Strategic and Business Management) [PDU]

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