Engr. Mark Burnett

    🎶 “One Love, One Heart. Let’s get together and feel all right.” 🎵 -Bob Marley

    I’m Mark, The Reasoner!

    Projects can be a daunting maze, often leading to nightmares. Did you know that 70% of projects fail, and half of them don’t meet their deadlines?

    As The Ambidextrous Project Manager™ and Transformation Leader, I’m overly obsessed with steering clients away from the painful pitfalls of project chaos and overcoming adversity. With a focus on organizing and delivering complex projects with confidence, I help clients transition from chaos to clarity, tackling their biggest pain points and aligning their efforts with strategic business goals. My mission is to guide you in embracing ambidextrous thinking, mastering resilience, becoming an effective project manager, navigating complexities, and unlocking your full potential in personal and professional endeavors.

    Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, I’ve persevered through one of the most complex challenges of life, defying a brutal recommendation for arm amputation that tested my resilience and belief in hope. This experience has deeply influenced my perspective on overcoming adversity and finding strength in challenging situations. Likewise, this journey has reinforced my philosophy that “Everything is a Project”, leveraging emotional intelligence, resilience, and adaptability as impactful skills to successfully deliver any project.

    Moreover, I’ve supported large-scale infrastructure projects, from ICT & Telecom/ Mobile rollouts to utility-scale solar and energy construction, where I’ve helped teams build their skills, transform and empower them to excel, become the most powerful version of themselves, navigate uncertainty, adapt to change, and enhance their performances and productivity through heart-based life lessons.

    Beyond project management, I’m passionate about coaching, training and career development that have contributed meaningfully to initiatives at the Men’s World Cup Qualifiers (FIFA), Project Management Institute (PMI), PMO Alliance & Global Awards (PMOGA), University of the West Indies (UWI), University of Technology (UTech), Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, CARICOM’s Aspiring Youth Empowerment Programme (AYEP), SCRUMstudy, and International Association of Project Managers (IAPM). I’m also the co-creator of The PMO Leader Digital Transformation Series, where we delve into topics, insights, and strategies for navigating the dynamic world of project management.

    Let’s unlock your full potential making a lasting journey of empowerment and impact together!