The Capacity Quadrant™ – 4 Keys to Demystifying Resource Management – Jerry Manas

    Resource Management and Capacity Planning are frequently cited among today’s top pain points faced by organizations worldwide. Indeed, trying to optimize limited organizational resources in a climate of rapid change and constantly shifting demand can be challenging at best. Yet information on how to navigate these often murky waters has been scarce—until now.

    This session, presented by bestselling author Jerry Manas (The Resource Management and Capacity Planning Handbook, McGraw-Hill), introduces the Capacity Quadrant model, a framework that allows for quickly achieving maturity in resource management and capacity planning in four key areas:

    * Visibility – broadening your view to gain a more holistic picture of demand, a truer picture of capacity, and a better sense of the variables that impact resource productivity and workload.

    * Prioritization – understanding which work is most important, and how it relates to strategies, goals, and value.

    * Optimization – focusing on making the most efficient use of your resources across the right mix of work.

    * Integration – planning in cycles at multiple levels of the organization to keep people, work, money, and strategies aligned in the face of constant change.

    Learn how the Capacity Quadrant can help smooth the way to greater business agility, fewer fire drills, and passionate, productive people.

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