The Role of the Adaptive Sponsor – Bridging Governance Gaps for Enhanced Project Success – Adrian Morey

    In today’s increasingly complex, dynamic, and uncertain project environment, the role of Project Sponsors is crucial for achieving project success. As business environments continue to evolve, the demand for adaptive leadership intensifies, especially for Project Sponsors who must adopt multiple roles to effectively steer their projects. These roles encompass being a Champion, Visionary Leader, Business Owner, Empowered Governor, Change Enabler, Strategic Navigator, Connected Networker, Benefit Realiser, and Pulse Checker.

    This presentation will illuminate the essential nexus between the multifaceted roles of Project Sponsors and the critical capabilities and practices needed to navigate complexities and achieve desired project outcomes. We will delve into common deficiencies in project governance and highlight the pivotal role of Project Sponsors in addressing these challenges.

    The session will offer actionable strategies to enhance the adaptability and effectiveness of Project Sponsors, which are vital for leading projects to success. I will also explore how Project Sponsors can effectively collaborate with project managers and support structures like PMOs to bridge governance gaps and establish a resilient project environment.

    Join me for an exploration of practical approaches to strengthen project governance through adaptive leadership. This presentation will feature case studies, showcasing the interconnected dynamics essential for project success, and present a framework to equip Project Sponsors to drive projects toward breakthrough outcomes.

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