Value-Driven PMO: Connecting People with Business Strategy – Gregor Androjna


    Organizations and top management need to deliver results, and this is something else than just delivering projects on scope, time, or budget. Delivered project products need to deliver value during their operation time. C-suite (CXOs) need to balance short-term (financial results) and long-term (investments) goals based on market opportunities, internal, and especially external, ever-changing conditions.

    But how can strategy execution (PMOs) deliver that, when there are always too many projects, not enough people, and they are stressed, overwhelmed, in conflict, or resistance mode, lacking clarity, experiencing communication breakdowns, and dealing with scope creeps?

    Well, we need to address the people’s side, their business pains at all levels, find root causes, and (quick) win solutions to streamline their working processes. This way, we can achieve optimal project portfolio throughput and deliver high and fast ROI, i.e., value for the organization.

    This means that we must align projects with strategy, manage the portfolio and resources, including addressing communication, change resistance, and other challenges. These are just some of the top PMO services based on research results from best practices, all easily accessible by using AI tools like ChatGPT.

    It’s not just about a bunch of PM processes and tools; the people-side change can make a big difference. It starts with mindset shifting and building awareness, especially at the top C-suite level, even before strategy/project execution takes place.

    Don’t be afraid to seek help. There are good practices like IMPACT Engine System® delivering higher values, which you may not be aware of or simply don’t have time to implement.

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