Value Management Office: The VMO Hub Advantage – Anne Hartley

    Anne’s presentation is aligned with one of AH Consulting’s six solution pathways: AH VMO – a framework (“VMO Hub”) to elevate the role of the Project Management Office to a Value Management Office and institutionalize value creation and delivery across the organization.

    This presentation begins with a context-setting story about when and why Value Management became a practice focus for Anne and AH Consulting. It first covers limitations associated with the Project metaphor and traditional PMOs that a Value-aligned approach addresses. Next, the audience is introduced to value stream management constructs, connection to project-to-product orientation, flow framework and metrics practices, and Lean/Agile alignment. Anne finishes the presentation with the introduction of the VMO Hub conceptual framework and thoughts on possible next steps to further consider how this transition can benefit the organization with ideas on approach. The presentation also contains links to selected and recommended resources Anne used in its creation.

    PMI Talent Triangle: Ways of Working (Technical Project Management)

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