Why Your Methodology Fails Your Projects – Andrew Soswa

    We all know that project management is a multifaceted knowledge-area profession. It still evolves as our world evolves. We attempt to describe, define, and make its boundaries finite by developing project methodologies and, in the same breath, claim that they should be flexible and adaptable to project’s context. Since standardized processes can be optimize, we and our organizations make the methodologies rigid and inflexible. Then, your friendly project managers are put into positions to accomplish almost impossible feats to deliver all project’s types to the only one, organizationally mandated, methodology.

    In this session, the participants will be engaged in brief review of major project management methodologies and analyze their assumptions. We will touch upon how to measure the project value, best outcomes and value for entire organization. Lastly, the presenter, from his own experience, will propose several models which for methodology fit to (A) organizational structure and (B) desired project’s outcome and (C) end product.

    PMI Talent Triangle:Business Acumen (Strategic and Business Management) [PDU]

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