#AgileFail – Why Agile Transformations Implode – Jesse Fewell

    It’s official. Agile ways of working are now a required element of any modern organization. In a world of exponential change and complexity, staying relevant means transforming your organization to be more collaborative, iterative, and innovative. Unfortunately, the path to high performance is paved with land mines. Over and over, agile champions see their intentions and efforts get crushed up by overwhelming barriers to progress. It turns out, these barriers are all knowable in advance. In this high-energy presentation, executive agile coach Jesse Fewell shares his meta-research into the most commonly cited reasons transformations fail to meet expectations. Come to this third installment in a multi-part series exploring challenges facing all Agile transformations. We will offer fresh insights to convert agile frustration into proper perspective, leaving you better equipped to guide the journey forward.

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