Less is More: How to Get Better Results Faster out of Changes – with Very Small Effort from Top-Management and Consulting – Wolfram Müller & Mike Hannan

    Conventional wisdom and common practice tell us that large-scale enterprise transformations require unusually courageous leadership, take lots of time (also top management attention), cost a bunch of money, and can only be accelerated by deploying an army of top-notch change agents, coaches, and consultants.

    This presentation will flip this on its head, showcasing two real-world examples of dramatic large-scale performance improvement achieved with minimalist approaches – based on TOC/CCPM, agile and self-organization concepts. The co-presenters then share two models for how any leader or manager with the right motivation can replicate and perhaps even amplify this “less-is-more” model of success.

    PMI Talent Triangle: Business Acumen (Strategic and Business Management) [PDU]

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