Preventing, Managing and Eliminating your PMO Nightmare – Paul Pellitier

    Disrespect happens – from our sponsors, our coworkers, our bosses. No matter how we reinforce expectations for workplace respect, every PMO encounters those who become workplace nightmares. If ignored or handled badly, bad behavior can devastate a PMO, project, team or organization like a wildfire. If handled early and effectively, relationships and workplace culture will be enriched. This makes disrespect management critical – it takes skill to effectively avoid arguments, clarify misunderstandings, deal with disputes, and repair relationships. Simply put – disrespect requires intervention and direct conversations. The presentation provides leaders with tools for approaching and resolving disrespect issues before they become full-blown conflicts. Critical to disrespect management, participants will develop strategies for changing the context of conflicts from negative to positive, from disrespectful to appropriate. Participants will learn how to turn a disagreement into an opportunity to provoke learning and enrich relationships.

    PMI Talent Triangle: Business Acumen (Strategic and Business Management) [PDU]