Edita Kemzuraite
    Project Management United
    Edita Kemzuraite, PMP, PMO-CP - CEO of Project Management United (pmunited.eu) and co-founder of the PM & PMO Conference BRIDGE (pmconference.org). She has 15%2B years of experience working on the high complexity projects at Bentley Systems - the Infrastructure Engineering Software Company. Business sustainability, PMO impact and strategic project management are Edita’s areas of interests/research. At Bentley she is also a Sustainability Ambassador focusing on the importance of ecosystem collaboration for solving Environmental, Social and Government issues and accelerating Sustainable Development Goals. Edita is certified professional of Business Sustainability Management (Cambridge University) and Green Project Management (GPM).
    Engr. Mark Burnett
    Project Manager & Author of The Ambidextrous Project Manager™
    I’m Mark, The Reasoner! Projects can be a daunting maze, often leading to nightmares. Did you know that 70% of projects fail, and half of them don't meet their deadlines? As The Ambidextrous Project Manager™ and Transformation Leader, I’m overly obsessed with steering clients away from the painful pitfalls of project chaos and overcoming adversity. With a focus on organizing and delivering complex projects with confidence, I help clients transition from chaos to clarity, tackling their biggest pain points and aligning their efforts with strategic business goals. My mission is to guide you in embracing ambidextrous thinking, mastering resilience, becoming an effective project manager, navigating complexities, and unlocking your full potential in personal and professional endeavors. Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, I've persevered through one of the most complex challenges of life, defying a brutal recommendation for arm amputation that tested my resilience and belief in hope. This experience has deeply influenced my perspective on overcoming adversity and finding strength in challenging situations. Likewise, this journey has reinforced my philosophy that "Everything is a Project", leveraging emotional intelligence, resilience, and adaptability as impactful skills to successfully deliver any project. Moreover, I've supported large-scale infrastructure projects, from ICT & Telecom/ Mobile rollouts to utility-scale solar and energy construction, where I've helped teams build their skills, transform and empower them to excel, become the most powerful version of themselves, navigate uncertainty, adapt to change, and enhance their performances and productivity through heart-based life lessons. Beyond project management, I'm passionate about coaching, training and career development that have contributed meaningfully to initiatives at the Men’s World Cup Qualifiers (FIFA), Project Management Institute (PMI), PMO Alliance & Global Awards (PMOGA), University of the West Indies (UWI), University of Technology (UTech), Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, CARICOM’s Aspiring Youth Empowerment Programme (AYEP), SCRUMstudy, and International Association of Project Managers (IAPM). I'm also the co-creator of The PMO Leader Digital Transformation Series, where we delve into topics, insights, and strategies for navigating the dynamic world of project management. Let's unlock your full potential making a lasting journey of empowerment and impact together!
    Nate Regier, PhD
    Next Element
    Nate Regier, PhD, is the CEO and founding owner of Next Element Consulting, a global leadership consulting and training firm helping transform cultures with Compassionate Accountability. Dr. Regier is a clinical psychologist and Process Communication Model® Certifying Master Trainer. Nate is an expert in social-emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication, conflict skills, leadership and culture. Recognized as a Top 100 keynote speaker, Nate is the author of four books: Beyond Drama; Conflict without Casualties; Seeing People Through; and Compassionate Accountability. He hosts The Compassionate Accountability Podcast, writes a weekly blog, contributes to multiple industry publications, and is a regular guest on podcasts.
    Seth Greenwald
    Project Manager
    US Army Corps of Engineers
    Seth B. Greenwald, PMP, MID, DTM, brings his unique perspective, practical insights and seriously fun energy to his webinars. Technical professionals and business leaders regard his distinctive process to achieving mastery in public speaking and presentation skills as the game changer for their careers. Seth earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Cooper Union and a Master of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute. For over 30 years, Seth has served as a design lead and senior project manager for some of the largest design and engineering firms in the country. He currently manages a multi-billion dollar public infrastructure project for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. As founder and owner of Creatively Speaking Inc., Seth empowers countless individuals to advance their careers through effective powerful communication. His public speaking programs Page to Stage, Find Your Flow and Improv to Improve have garnered widespread acclaim for their transformative impact to technical professionals and business leaders. Seth is the founding member of Project Management Institute’s NYC Toastmasters club, a testament to his commitment to fostering communication and leadership skills. His dedication extends to serving as the Secretary of the NYC chapter of the National Speakers Association. Seth is a 3x bestselling author. His latest book, "Answering the Call of Your Creative Warrior" is the personal story of how he discovered his inner source of creative power that he calls upon to communicate his ideas with confidence, clarity and conviction. Seth lives with his wife and son in Westchester County, NY. He enjoys traveling the world and collecting seriously fun stories to share with his audiences.
    Ross Garland
    Effective project governance is a major determinant of project success - not just the delivery of assets, but the realisation of business outcomes and benefits that these assets enable. This presentation explains what project governance is and addresses the key factors that contribute to this success including: - treat change differently to business as usual - a single point of accountability to ensure efficient decision making - ensuring business accountability for project success - how to avoid having decision making committees clogged with stakeholders - clarity around who makes what decisions. The presentation describes the fundamental steps in establishing an effective project governance framework.
    Neal Whitten
    Author, President
    The Neal Whitten Group
    Neal Whitten, PMP, is an author, trainer, consultant, mentor, and speaker in the areas of power skills and leadership, project management, team building, and employee development. He is the author of eight books, has written over 150 articles for professional magazines, and was a contributing editor of PMI’s PM Network® magazine for over 15 years. He has presented to thousands of people from across hundreds of companies, institutions, and public organizations worldwide. Neal has been a Project Management Professional (PMP)® since 1992.
    Michael Sonbert
    Founder and CEO
    Skyrocket Education and Rebel Culture
    Michael Sonbert is a bestselling author, keynote speaker, performance coach, educator, endurance athlete, autism dad, and the founder and chief executive officer of Skyrocket Education and Rebel Culture. He has turned his passion for educational reform into a global call to action for educational and corporate leadership transformation. Michael has dedicated the past 20 years to coaching, partnering with, and researching leaders from public schools to Fortune 500 companies. He’s committed to helping leaders grow thriving, impactful, purposeful organizations. His leadership philosophies are currently being taught in a graduate course at the University of Notre Dame’s leadership program. Partners include companies like Google, Northwell Health Systems, Oakley, Hormel Foods, and Paul Mitchell Schools. Currently living in New York with his wife and three children, he sits on the board of the Autism non-profit organization Families for Inclusion.
    Louise Gardner
    Founder and Managing Director
    Pledge Group
    Louise Gardner is the founder and Managing Director of Pledge Group and has been setting up PMOs in the UK and Australia for more than 20 years.
    Scott Mautz
    Speaker, Trainer, and Author of "The Mentally Strong Leader: Build the Habits to Productively Regulate Your Emotions, Thoughts, and Behaviors"
    Scott Mautz is a former senior executive of Procter & Gamble, where he successfully ran several of the company’s largest multi-billion-dollar businesses. He’s the author of four multi-award-winning, bestselling books, including his latest, The Mentally Strong Leader: Build the Habits to Productively Regulate Your Emotions, Thoughts, and Behaviors. Scott is faculty on reserve at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business for Executive Education. Scott is also a popular course instructor on LinkedIn Learning where his courses have been taken 1.5 million times (and counting) Scott’s been named a “CEO Thought-Leader” by the CEO Executive Guild. At Inc.com, where Scott was named a “Top 50 Leadership Innovator,” his column drew nearly 2 million readers a month. He frequently appears in a variety of national media.
    Glen B. Alleman MSSM
    Project Manager
    Niwot Ridge Consulting LLC
    More than 25 years managing complex systems of systems starting with Capabilities Based Planning and applying Model Based Systems Engineering, Risk Management, Earned Value Management, inside a framework of Iterative and Incremental development.