Ruth Pearce, JD, ACC, PMP

    Ruth has been called an executive coach for people who don’t consider themselves to be executives because she is passionate about personal development for all. She coaches groups & individuals – it aligns with who she is.

    But Ruth was not always a coach. Before that, she was a program manager – for more than 25 (TWENTY-FIVE) years! A quarter-century. “That’s a very long time” as a friend said to her recently.

    In 2016, she quit project management. Ruth was burned out. After 25 years in project management, she couldn’t say the word “project”. She was done – exhausted, disconnected, cynical, useless.

    Now Ruth lives AND coaches by the motto BE HOPEFUL; BE STRONG; BE BRAVE; BE CURIOUS. She embraces the dark and light sides of life.

    Being a coach informs everything Ruth does:

    1. Everything is about you the client, the audience, the student.
    2. She listens deeply and helps make sense for you of what she hears.
    3. She plays back and retells your story from a different perspective to help you see a new step.
    4. She is 100% in your corner – and at the same time she tries to challenge you
    5. She rides the rollercoaster of life, just like we all do. Its dark side is just as valuable as its light side.

    VIA strengths: Appreciation, Bravery, Curiosity, Fairness, and Gratitude
    MIPI competencies: Motivational Self Efficacy, Motivational Influence, Perseverance

    Accreditations: ICF ACC Coach; Certified Coach Trainer; Certified Inclusion Coach; Certified MIPI Coach; PMI PMP & ACP; Institute Of Coaching Fellow; BetterUp Distinguished Fellow Coach

    Ruth has been privileged to address audiences totaling more than 150,000 including Project Managers, HR professionals, Coaches, Leaders, Managers, Teams, Interest Groups, Legal Professionals, and more.