Steven Fullmer

    Steven Fullmer contributes his mastery to the field of neurosociology –blending neurochemistry, physiology, psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, and the science of change to understand the power of human potential. His mission includes helping others understand the natural chaos associated with change and choice and organizing approaches to effectively address change scenarios. Successful approaches must consider human complexity, are always situational, and must incorporate the unique and diverse attributes of the individuals and the tribes that they form. Steven Fullmer is President of Blue Sphere Solutions (, a consultancy supporting choice through complex change. His forty years of experience includes strategic and tactical business, portfolio, program and project leadership. For over a decade he authored and delivered highly sought PMP and Business analysis courseware, video series, webinars, and micro-mastery events. He holds Project Management Professional (PMP) and PMI-Professional Business Analysis (PMI-PBA) credentials from Project Management Institute, an MBA in services marketing, and is certified as a Change Intelligence Professional.

    From graduate work in neurochemistry, MBA Service Management focus, and into a recognized career guiding powerful technological change, Steven quickly identified that people rather than technology brought success. The evolution of project-related processes, tools, and approaches may deliver new hope to leaders guiding change, though they are more often effective because they distract participants who must focus first on the new ‘technique’. Despite decades of evolutionary technology and approaches, successful and sustainable change remains statistically elusive. Success more commonly occurs when leaders deliver purpose while applying an understanding of the human condition. Steve now researches and pursues a deeper understanding of the factors that affect successful change adoption and the pursuit of fullest human potential. An author and public speaker, Steve focuses on topics related to project management and social psychology – the sciences that together help client individuals and organizations to adopt successful change strategies.