The Real Cracks: 3 Key Reasons Why Your Projects Don’t Succeed – Candice Benson

    Shockingly, 11.4% of company investment is still being wasted due to poor project performance. This means that more than$2 trillion a year is wasted by companies worldwide because of the ineffective implementation of business strategy. The reality is that we have spent so much time focused on choosing the right framework or methodology to address projects when the real cracks in the process are related to our project teams and people. For a project to be successful, we need people to implement behavioral and organizational change, which is often overlooked.

    But let’s be honest. Ensuring that you have fully thought through the impact of projects on your teams, leaders, and clients before your big kick-off meeting sounds strenuous and time-consuming – and is about as exciting as watching paint dry to your project team and business leaders. However, what IS exciting is having a successful, impactful project which transforms your organization coupled with a comprehensive change management plan so that that transformation sticks! This means implementing activities that get results which are meaningful, measurable, monetizable, and lead to less rework.

    Join 23-year project management and change management expert Candice Benson, CEO of Benson Consulting, to focus on a new approach to driving projects aligned with the motivations of your people. For more than two decades, Candice has been in the trenches helping organizations like Pfizer, Fidelity, and Comcast and a who’s who of industry-defining brands to think differently about how they approach project delivery.

    In this common-wisdom-busting session, Candice will share just-in-time insights, including:
    ● The surprising data that undermines the status quo belief that building a robust training approach is the best way to ensure adoption of the change your project is driving.
    ● 3 Warning signs that the cracks in your projects are about to lead to burn-out, frustration, and missed deliverables.
    ● 3 “Champions” you need to identify on your project team, as well as how to empower them, equip them, and amplify them, if you want your project to be successful.
    ● The road-tested framework every organization needs to ensure their projects not only deliver on time, on scope, and on budget but that the changes are adopted.
    ● Real-world examples of organizations which are putting these strategies into action, and the biggest lessons learned, regrets, and pay-it-forward advice.

    This must-attend session is custom-crafted for Project Managers, PMO managers, and other leaders who have a vested interest in ensuring their organization’s project investment is not wasted.

    PMI Talent Triangle: Ways of Working (Technical Project Management)