Thriving Amidst Uncertainty and Leading Teams Through Change – Jay Stone

    Workplace change is among the top life-stressors and it’s holding women back. Holding fewer positions of authority with little decision-making input means women are more prone to overwhelm and burnout (Quinn & Smith, 2018). Technology change also impacts women more as they hold the majority of roles being automated (Tarr, 2018). Combined with the fact that women continue to battle with working more to prove themselves (Lishman, 2019), it’s no wonder that few women make it to the top. In this session, we explore positive ways to lead ourselves, and our teams, through change and uncertainty; even when we’re dealing with our own set of personal challenges.

    By understanding the psychology behind change we can apply simple techniques as project managers to gain clarity amidst uncertainty, apply calm practices to make better decisions in a crisis, and approach our leadership with compassion; encouraging connection and more meaningful conversations to drive productivity. Join us for this fun and interactive session.

    PMI Talent Triangle: Power Skills (Leadership) [0.5 PDU]