Coaching (Not Coercing) People through Change – Jay Stone

    Despite the research showing coaching to be a powerful tool for developing sustainable change capability in the people of an organisation, it remains one of the most underutilised and misunderstood skill sets. This workshop equips you and your managers with coaching basics to embed change capability within your organisation, ensuring understanding, involvement, and proactive focus in change. Avoiding a dependency culture on leaders who provide all the answers or painful tactics of coercion, coaching instead empowers change leaders at all levels. Coaching, distinct from mentoring or consulting, supports individuals to process situations and make their own decisions, fostering greater investment in their actions. The workshop and workbook offer practical guidance for integrating coaching skills into everyday conversations for successful change, including identifying resistance sources, assessing involvement levels, using essential coaching questions, and enabling individuals to manage their own transition through change.

    PMI Talent Triangle: Power Skills