Curve Benders: How Strategic Relationships Can Power Your Personal Reinvention in the Future of Work – David Nour

    In the future of how we’ll work, live, play, and give, 15 forces will create dramatic headwind, tailwind, or turbulence in our lives and careers. Learning their relevance is no longer optional; it’s a necessity. For most people learning is linear – they learn then they apply. We believe when it comes to relationships, a different lens is needed. Time and again, people enter our lives that dramatically alter both the direction and destination of our lives. Enablers of this adaptive and accelerated non-linear growth are your Curve Benders.

    So, who are your Curve Benders and how do you find them? More importantly, how do you become one in the lives of others? And how can the Curve Bending mindset unlock the next level of enterprise value creation and profitable growth?

    Join PMO Summit and bestselling author, senior leadership advisor, executive educator and coach, David Nour, as he shares key insights from his 11th book, Curve Benders, at the intersection of the future of work, strategic relationships, and non-linear growth.

    PMI Talent Triangle: Power Skill (Leadership) [PDU]