Welcome to Projectland! Plan to Expand Your Reputation, Reach and Results – Dawn Mahan

    When you’ve proven to your organization that project management delivers value, helping  everyone to accomplish more and stress less, invariably more people are interested in developing their project management skills too!  This shift is a testament to your good work, but also can present a variety of problems and opportunities.  If you’re running a PMO, do you have the time to teach everyone how to develop their skills from zero to proficient when they are not necessarily leading the most critical and visible projects?  Likely you don’t have time for that, but the payoff can be enormous for both the organization and your reputation as the go-to internal project guru.

    In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore what typically happens after you’ve proven the value of project management, explore common challenges (and opportunities!) and present strategies for how to address them.

    This workshop will be led by Dawn Mahan and will include breakout sessions, so that you can not only learn from the facilitators, but also share your experiences and learn from each other.

    After this lively and interactive workshop, you will:

    • Be prepared for how to respond to the delightful request that “everyone” needs more project management training
    • Be able to clearly discuss the benefits and opportunities of developing project management skills in non-project managers
    • Have a simple language and framework ready that is aligned to PMI’s global gold standard process, but in more non-project-management-geek-friendly terms
    • Learn from the facilitators, each other and reflect on your organization to create a strategy for supporting the non-project manager that works for you
    • Feel confident that you have trusted resources available when you are ready to expand your reach and results

    PMI Talent Triangle: Ways of Working(Technical Project Management) [PDU]