Building Organisational Change Maturity With the PMO – Isolde Kanikani

    Building organisational change maturity is a topic relevant for all organisational units initiating change, the Strategic PMO is no exception. An organisation’s change maturity will greatly impact its ability to transform at the speeds needed to stay relevant in these fast-moving times. By assessing an organisation’s Change maturity with a model gaging level of Change maturity ‘as is’ factors related to levels in the organisation and actionable growth areas, we can support organisations to understand their Change maturity level, and how to develop this alongside tailoring the approach to value creation for increased return on investment. Further still, a model that can be extended into a framework will be even more supportive to organisations seeking to effectively reaching strategic goals and outcomes. From recent research, there are two main types of maturity we should consider. The first is the actual ability of an organisation to change, to agilely move with the needs of the time. By creating a holistic picture of different types of change in an organisation, we open up options for strategic choice and best transformation path development. The second is the maturity of key disciplines that both initiate change and need to remain adaptable, often calling for a higher level of maturity. Examples of these disciplines could be project management, data, or quality management. The outcome of this research was a model to manage the change capability and a framework prototype that could unite the various types of discipline maturity in one overview for gathering insights and diagnosing next steps.

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