Double Your Portfolio Value in Half the Time: Play the Game to See How! – Mike Hannan

    Tuesday, September 21, 2021 | 12-2:30 PM EDT | 4-6:30 PM UTC

    We’ve all heard stories of amazing performance improvement at some other organization and wondered, “Is that possible in MY organization?”  It often feels like achieving such lofty performance thresholds can only happen somewhere else, that it’s too steep of a hill to climb, that boss would never go for it.  Or worse, we wonder how much additional overtime it might require, how many corners might get cut, or how some executive might “juke the stats” to make things look better than they actually are.  But what if it were actually simple and straightforward, requiring very few things to actually change, with no corners cut, no unnecessary stress, all while just working the way we know how?  Through this live, gamified simulation experience, you’ll experience:

    • That big improvements don’t require big changes
    • That we humans don’t need to be driven harder for us to naturally deliver more
    • That achieving a much higher volume of business objectives may not require any additional resources
    • How fun it can be to experience a big jump in a team’s value-delivery cadence!
    • In addition to the live workshop, you’ll be given a bonus 1-hour course to watch in advance to learn the concepts that will be put into practice in the live workshop.

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