Luke Hohmann
    Chief Innovation Officer Applied Frameworks, Inc.

    Profitability: Why Every PM Needs Know How Their Project IMPACTs the Bottom Line

    Products and Projects cost money to deliver. Yet most project, program, product leaders feel disconnected from the financial equation that drives our initiatives. Ironically, executives feeling pressure to report an ROI on their initiatives will look to us for answers. And we owe it to them, our stakeholders – and ourselves – to have reasonable answers.

    This may sound unfair & dysfunctional, but agile product management pioneer Luke Hohmann says the 21st century has made this is OUR job. This hard-hitting interview will ask tough questions like: Why should I shoulder financial responsibilities owned by someone higher up the organization? How can I juggle getting things done while also owning the business case? Doesn’t profit involve revenue? And doesn’t revenue involve pricing? How do I make this all fit together?

    Where should I even begin?

    Whether you are an agile product owner or a senior program manager, this provocative session will challenge your assumptions about your role.

    Erick Means
    Speaker & Industry Leader, Project Management

    Building a High-Performing PMO

    Join industry leader Erick Means in an engaging session as he shares insights and best practices on building a high-performing PMO. With his extensive experience as a PMO, Technology, and Professional Services Executive overseeing 15,000 projects, Erick brings a wealth of knowledge in optimizing processes, driving successful initiatives, and delivering measurable results. Discover the key strategies and practical tips to establish and elevate your PMO for enhanced performance and organizational success. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from a seasoned expert in project management and PMO transformation.

    Dr. Saadi Adra
    Founder, Advisors

    The Benefits Management Office: Integrating Strategy, Operations, and Projects

    The Benefits Management Office is the next-generation Strategic, Transformation, Vision, and Enterprise Management Office; The BMO focuses on the organization, and how projects serve operational excellence and successful transformations with sustainable impact. The BMO provides the following functions/benefits for the organization:

    – Concentrating on strategy implementation
    – Enhancing governance, sponsorship, steering committee accountabilities, and roles.
    – Integrating projects and operations to break silos
    – Leading success of organizational, cultural, and digital transformation
    – Achieving sustainable impact, growth, and higher ROI

    Curtis Jenkins
    President, Jenkins & Associates Inc.

    PMO Strategy: From Farmers (Order Takers) to Big Game Hunters (Partners/Leaders)

    How to bridge the gap of your PMO reputation as a tactical IT organization to being an impactful business organization!

    In this session, you will learn how Curtis Jenkins developed a strategy with his talented team and the 5 major tactics used to go from an IT PMO to an Enterprise PMO that is sought out as the “go-to” organization for projects at his company. Curtis believes that if he had known these major tactics when he started 9 years ago that he could have taken 1-2 years to bring the PMO to an EPMO vs the 5 years it took to mature to the level of executive leadership and participation.

    Dr. Al Zeitoun
    Strategy Execution Thought Leader

    Scaling Project Management For Driving Organizational Excellence: The Strategic Link

    Most of the critical future of work changes can be clustered into themes: project management as a strategic muscle, role of project managers changes, the project economy, and balance between transparency and autonomy in experience cultures. As such, the landscape is changing and the ten pillars of project management have emerged. These critical ten pillars in the work of this author, with Kerzner and Vargas, will influence project management for the next decade and the performance of future excellent organizations.

    Anne Hartley
    Founder And Principal Consultant,
    AH Consulting LLC

    Value Management Office: The VMO Hub Advantage

    Anne’s presentation is aligned with one of AH Consulting’s six solution pathways: AH VMO – a framework (“VMO Hub”) to elevate the role of the Project Management Office to a Value Management Office and institutionalize value creation and delivery across the organization.

    This presentation begins with a context-setting story about when and why Value Management became a practice focus for Anne and AH Consulting. It first covers limitations associated with the Project metaphor and traditional PMOs that a Value-aligned approach addresses. Next the audience is introduced to value stream management constructs, connection to project-to-product orientation, flow framework and metrics practices, and Lean/Agile alignment. Anne finishes the presentation with the introduction of the VMO Hub conceptual framework and thoughts on possible next steps to further consider how this transition can benefit the organization with ideas on approach. The presentation also contains links to selected and recommended resources Anne used in its creation.

    Americo Pinto
    PMO Expert & Founder, PMO Global Alliance

    What Makes a World-Class PMO

    In an ever-changing world, countless PMO leaders face the challenge of rethinking their PMOs to ensure they deliver genuine value to the C-level and their organizations. Numerous solutions claim to offer the perfect PMO model, a magic pill for guaranteed success. However, hands-on experience in the PMO trenches reveals that returning to the basics and concentrating on what truly matters is the key to making our PMO’s value recognized and ensuring its sustainability and future.
    In the last few years, Americo Pinto has been granted the unique opportunity to closely observe the evolution of hundreds of PMOs from various countries as members of the PMO Global Alliance – the largest PMO community worldwide. In his engaging session, he will share valuable insights gleaned from this extraordinary learning experience, inspiring you to reassess your assumptions and ideas on how to make your PMO indispensable to your organization.

    Hussain Bandukwala
    Chief PMO Coach & Adviser

    PMO: Your Organization’s Hidden Gem to Recession-Proof Itself

    PMOs aren’t just cost centers, they’re strategic enablers for their organizations. In fact, if leveraged smartly, they can support their organizations through economic downturns and fortify them for strong post-recession performance. This presentation makes a clear case for PMOs’ role in this capacity and shows exactly what PMOs must do to execute this role to perfection.