Paul Dunningham
    Director of Operations, Queensland Health

    From Attempt to IMPACT: Moving, Quitting, and Bouncing Back (and the PMO Hokey Pokey)

    We all have a story of our attempts, setbacks and failures. In this discussion, Paul will delve into his own. From moving cities to quitting without another role and taking 6 months off to find himself.

    This session is an honest and humorous reflection on where he’s been and what it took to get to where he is now – an opportunity to commiserate or celebrate his experience.

    It’s not all stories though he’ll share a practical process he uses now which he wishes he knew before.

    And at Laura’s request, he’s also going to let you in on little something he calls the PMO Hokey Pokey.

    Paul is one of the many IMPACT Engine System and IMPACT Accelerator Mastermind program participants speaking this year. Don’t miss this stellar session where you’ll see just how much IMPACT these programs have helped our participants make over the years.

    We are so incredibly proud of Paul!

    Ruth Pearce
    Executive Coach

    Coaching Questions for Project Leaders

    This is a recorded demo of a coaching session with PM Leader, Dawn Mahan.

    As an audience member, you will experience a real coaching session live and others will see how coaching can help be a better project leader. The topic that we explore was chosen by our sample client Dawn.

    Coaching sessions are usually confidential. Dawn Mahan gave permission for this session to be recorded and shared as part of the Impact Summit.

    Dawn Mahan
    Founder & CEO, PMOtraining.com

    Storytelling for Project People

    Storytelling is a skill that has been getting a lot of press lately and one that PMO/SDO leaders and project managers will benefit from cultivating. In this unique session, international speaker, Dawn Mahan, will share several stories from her upcoming book: Welcome to Projectland.

    Dawn’s stories from her years of working with top brands around the world and hands-on experience leading projects across industries will resonate with everyone who has ever participated in or led a project.

    This interactive experience will also get you thinking about your own career stories that can help amplify your leadership profile.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to earn a PDU, enjoy stories, networking and see your name in a book!

    Eman Deabil
    Professional Management Consultant

    The Green PMO (Creating an ESG Driven PMO)

    The presentation will shed lights on the significance and benefits of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) in today’s world, in order to work towards sustainability development goals and save the planet for future generations.

    Moreover, this presentation will coin the term “Green PMO”, as it will illustrate 3 workable models to integrate ESG into PMO practices.

    Brian Cohn
    Partner, Aspire Innovation

    Motivating Your Team Across Generations: Keeping Baby Boomers to Gen Z Engaged

    We tend to think about motivation in terms of carrots and sticks – forms of external motivation. Motivating knowledge workers requires tapping into their internal motivators – striving for autonomy, mastery, and purpose. We’ll describe ways of engaging those often hard-to-identify motivators and talk about how the focus for intrinsic motivation changes across generations and experience levels.

    Eileen Roden
    Co-Founder, House Of PMO

    The Benefits of Friction Between the PMO and the Delivery Teams

    PMOs continue to be challenged about where they add value to change delivery and the organisation, and despite of that, more and more PMOs are being set up in organisations, they’re becoming ubiquitous, so how can that be?

    In this session, Eileen Roden from the House of PMO, uncover where the real value of the PMO is and address the elephant in the room – the friction that exists between the PMO and delivery teams.

    The session will cover:

    The potential for friction between the PMO and delivery teams
    What the underlying causes are for why the friction exists
    How to work with the friction and how friction helps deliver higher value for everyone involved in change delivery

    Attendees will leave the session with an understanding of what both sides are there to do – and how they can work together so everyone is a winner – the PMO, delivery teams and ultimately the organisation.

    Susanne Madsen
    Project Leadership Coach

    Overcoming Stress in Project Management

    Susanne has first-hand experience of how stressful project management can be. As a result of working in a high-pressure environment for several years, her body became infested with stress to the point where she could barely walk. She was forced to slow down and make some important changes in her work and life.

    Susanne’s story is not unusual. Almost all project managers have experienced stress on their projects and far too many suffer from ill health as a result. Whereas short bursts of stress can have a positive effect on performance, prolonged stress is harmful and can cause burnout. In this presentation Susanne will share her personal story and provide tips and insights that can help you stay clear of negative stress and work within your zone of peak performance.

    Jerry Manas
    Best Selling Business Author

    If Napoleon Ran Your PMO

    Concepts like resource, portfolio, and project management aren’t new. Napoleon Bonaparte mastered all three more than 200 years ago. Based on Jerry’s international bestseller “Napoleon on Project Management,” this lively session will explore how to apply Napoleon’s timeless strategies to your own PMO.

    Gain the ultimate business advantage through this colorful approach to learning the skills needed for success in today’s workplace.

    – Learn to apply Napoleon’s research, record-keeping, and organization methods to your PMO initiatives for better results.

    – Gain an upper hand by understanding the dynamic between project management and strategic leadership.

    – Learn to apply the wisdom of this military leader in your own personal and professional spheres of influence — while avoiding the pitfalls that led to Waterloo.