PMO Role in Caring for Capital and Change – Simon Harris

    Change IMPACTS everywhere. Simon’s presentation contextualizes then explains a technique for making vision deliverable.

    An organization is a collection of forms of capital (People and their culture, Their skills and relationships, also processes, plant & equipment etc).

    Capital would persist in the optimum state for short-term benefits delivery if there was no change.

    Change drives re-allocation of resources. This is the territory of the organization’s leadership. PMOs at the portfolio and enterprise-level either support or trespass on the chair and CEO’s duties to protect capital and respond to adaptive opportunity and threat.

    Change is the affect of {market-place + mission + values}.

    Change causes leaders at all levels of the organization to forge and cascade vision.

    With the techniques shared in my PMO IMPACT Summit presentation, leaders can express vision in visceral descriptions with concrete links to Income and Expenditure (profit and loss) that inspire, empower and build the Balance Sheet.

    Once you’ve seen it you’ll recognize ‘it really is just (un-)common sense’

    For more common-sense that isn’t easy to invent but is easy to recognize and is readily deployable with some guidance visit LML’s Competency Framework and Transformational Leadership Program

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