Christopher Lewis, PCC

    Chris Lewis has over 700+ accredited coaching hours experience for over 100+ clients including C-level leaders, senior managers, and high-performing teams within IT and Agile. The senior-level leadership and high-performing teams have come from companies such as T-Mobile, Amazon, Uber, Fidelity Investments, and Anthem Health, to name a few.

    Chris’s coaching approach is person-centered and solution-focused. His style as a coach is to be a client’s partner in a dialogue. He believes the coaching relationship is a model for meaningful dialogue where the aims are resolution and action points, while trying to find a balance between free-flowing creativity and benchmarks for progress.

    Chris has a Bachelor’s Degree in General Business (BS), a Master’s Degree in Business (MBA), and various coaching and Agile-specific certifications (ICF- PCC, CSP, and SPC).