Moussa Gherbi

    Moussa Gherbi is the Head of Customer Success at Planisware. Trained as an Engineer in a top school in France, then as a Business & Technology Consultant at PwC in Paris, he has now been in the PPM industry for over 10 years. Moussa has always been passionate about identifying problems and finding solutions. He prides himself on challenging the status quo and being a driver for impactful and sustainable change. Combining this mindset with his experience, Moussa now focuses on delivering more value for Planisware customers by enabling the Customer Success group and building a customer-centric culture.

    As it related to the world of PMO, Moussa has been on both sides of the fence. He gets to speak with PMO organizations frequently within the scope of their Planisware program, focusing on understanding their business needs and improving their return on investment. Moussa also previously worked within a PMO during one of his long-term engagements at PwC. This gives him a good understanding of what companies expect out of their PMO organizations and what situations they may face, with a steady need for adaptation to change. Moussa strongly believes that PMO organizations are impact drivers and can be exceptional agents of change within a company.