Overcoming Pmyopia – How to Keep PMO Execution and Company Vision in Sync. – Moussa Gherbi

    As the project economy continues to grow rapidly, the importance of PMO organizations becomes increasingly more visible. PMO organizations are the enablers of both a company’s vision and its successful execution. Depending on the level of maturity of a company and their PMO practices and considering the quick changes companies go through regularly to stay relevant, it is expected to see discrepancies between vision and execution. This lack of alignment is what we call PMyOpia.

    During this session, we will discuss how to diagnose this condition that can affect PMOs of all sizes and experience. We will look at three key areas in which PMO organizations play a critical role: Execution, Enablement and Reporting. After looking at examples to illustrate the symptoms, we will discuss best practices and methodologies available to curb the effects of this condition. Specifically we will discuss how using Objective Key Results (OKRs), gated processes and scoring can help translate vision into tangible execution guidance.

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