Alexandra Chapman
    Co-Founder and Co-Creator, Totally Optimized Projects

    Strategy Without Execution Is Wishful Thinking

    So many strategies fail – even those which are viable and well thought through, because they don’t get implemented.

    Dr. Tony Prensa
    Director, IEOM Society International

    Creating High-Value PMOs: Strategies for Today’s Leaders

    Creating High-Value PMOs: Strategies for Today’s Leaders This session will provide you with strategic frameworks and essential components for building and sustaining high-value PMOs. Learn to align PMO strategies with organizational goals, implement effective governance models, and utilize KPIs to optimize performance. Discover how transformational leadership and change management can foster a culture of continuous improvement. This webinar is a must-attend for PMO leaders aiming to drive organizational success and achieve superior project outcomes.

    Edward Leydon
    Director for PMO and Strategy

    Strategic Agility: How to Thrive Amidst Uncertainty and Disruption

    Knowing where you want to go while staying flexible and able to pivot when needed is the concept behind strategic agility. Strategic agility embodies the fusion of steadfast direction with dynamic responsiveness to emergent market dynamics. While organizations must forge a comprehensive strategy grounded in purpose, vision, and objectives, they must equally embrace the inevitability of flux and disruption.

    Strategic agility denotes more than mere survival; it signifies the capability to thrive amidst uncertainty and disruption, consistently enhancing performance. Navigating through perpetual change demands transformative strategies and visionary leadership, enabling organizations to not only adapt but also drive positive change and redefine industry benchmarks.

    Addressing formidable challenges frequently necessitates substantial transformations that endure, eschewing a return to antiquated practices. Thus, organizations must instigate enduring changes that not only address present issues but also anticipate and mitigate future challenges. Vital to this endeavor is ensuring that all modifications are sustainable in the long term and do not divert back to old ways of working, adapting as new insights emerge necessitating further pivots.

    In the realm of business, change is not merely a constant but a cornerstone of progress. Thus, organizations must cultivate a culture of adaptability and resilience to navigate the ever-shifting terrain with confidence.

    Joe Pusz
    President, THE PMO SQUAD

    Understanding The Organizational Project Delivery Journey

    In the Project Economy where organizations are becoming more dependent on change and project outcomes, PMOs are in the spotlight. Historically, our Project Management industry has utilized PMO Maturity models as a guide to building long-lasting successful PMOs. However, as we all know project success rates have not risen at the pace we all expect. Following analysis of industry research, years of client engagements, and interviews with PMO leaders from around the world we’ve discovered focusing on Maturity is misguided. The better option for PMO Leaders is to drive Organizational Capability. Project processes and requirements are enterprise-wide, yet we’ve only focused on the PMO for outcomes. Shifting to Organizational Capability requires the organization to operate together, in synch, to deliver the enterprise portfolio.
    In this session we’ll discuss the Organizational Project Delivery (OPD) Journey. You’ll understand how to build and improve Organizational Capability and learn steps you can take immediately to move the needle.

    Deborah Yates
    Head of Strategic PMO, UNFI

    Govern the Decision Makers

    Is the role of the PMO for decision makers clearly understood? PMOs have moved into areas of evolution, incorporating strategic alignment down to execution, providing lean mechanisms, and enhancing decision-making criteria for leadership. Yet, many PMOs still stagnate when it comes to getting business decisions.

    Over and over again we hear that executives want the structure and value PMOs provide, even creating new PMOs in the organization. Portfolio managers create useful, and less burdensome, processes to derive the highest value work, ensuring execution capabilities through resource demand, value realization, and strategic alignment. But when asked to cancel, hold, or sequence the work differently, leadership is unable to provide the governance required to make those tough decisions.

    How do we counteract this? What additional information is needed; who are the actual stakeholders that can help drive to decisions? Let’s talk about this with real world discussions.

    John McIntyre
    Founder, HotPMO Ltd

    Biomes of Delivery: How PMOs create thriving environments for growth and innovation

    When it comes to delivering innovation and growth, why do we focus so much on methodologies? This session explores how PMOs can create biomes with the perfect conditions to enable growth and innovation, Find out how to create aligned ecosystems and supportive, collaborative environments, Understand how the PMO should partner with the organization to design ecosystems where strategic initiatives can truly thrive.

    Frederic Casagrande
    Strategic Portfolio Management Office Manager, ADDC

    The Strategy-to-Execution Gap Triangle

    Closing the gap between Strategy Formulation & Strategy Execution is a hot topic in many industries nowadays, but it is particularly crucial for the extremely competitive Energy Sector. This presentation will look at three dimensions, three disciplines that can help bridging that gap when used together. Benefits Management, Project Management, and Change Management: the Strategy to Execution Gap Triangle!

    Jennie Fowler
    AVP, Strategy Realization Office

    Mastering Strategic Chaos!

    Slogans you’ve heard:
    • PMO = Paperwork Management Office!
    • Bureaucracy!
    • PM’s are order takers!
    • Chaos Coordinator!
    • Herding Cats!
    • No plan… any road will get you there….

    The list goes on and on… right!

    This session touches on:

    • What does “Strategic Chaos” look like?
    • How can a PMO (or strategic leader) navigate in ‘perceived disorder’ effectively?
    • What are some common pitfalls to avoid?
    • What are some challenges with aligning a PMO to strategy?
    • How can a PMO foster a culture of strategic thinking?

    From Chaos….. to CLARITY!

    Gregor Androjna
    Consultant and Owner, PMOexpert

    Value-Driven PMO: Connecting People with Business Strategy

    Organizations and top management need to deliver results, and this is something else than just delivering projects on scope, time, or budget. Delivered project products need to deliver value during their operation time. C-suite (CXOs) need to balance short-term (financial results) and long-term (investments) goals based on market opportunities, internal, and especially external, ever-changing conditions.But how can strategy execution (PMOs) deliver that, when there are always too many projects, not enough people, and they are stressed, overwhelmed, in conflict, or resistance mode, lacking clarity, experiencing communication breakdowns, and dealing with scope creeps?

    Well, we need to address the people’s side, their business pains at all levels, find root causes, and (quick) win solutions to streamline their working processes. This way, we can achieve optimal project portfolio throughput and deliver high and fast ROI, i.e., value for the organization.

    This means that we must align projects with strategy, manage the portfolio and resources, including addressing communication, change resistance, and other challenges. These are just some of the top PMO services based on research results from best practices, all easily accessible by using AI tools like ChatGPT.

    It’s not just about a bunch of PM processes and tools; the people-side change can make a big difference. It starts with mindset shifting and building awareness, especially at the top C-suite level, even before strategy/project execution takes place.

    Don’t be afraid to seek help. There are good practices like IMPACT Engine System® delivering higher values, which you may not be aware of or simply don’t have time to implement.

    Join us in this eye-opening event with PMOexpert to discover how a trusted advisor can support you throughout your journey to success.

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