Gregor Androjna

    Gregor Androjna is a Consultant and the owner of PMOexpert business.
    He is passionate about enhancing value delivery across business strategy execution, project portfolios. Gregor assists organizations in establishing Project Management Office (PMO)-like functions to empower clients, so that they can achieve faster and higher ROI from strategic initiatives.
    With over two decades of experience in Project Management, Quality Assurance, and the PMO field, he has honed his expertise through energy production investments and mechanical system installations.
    Now a specialized consultant, Gregor leverages innovative PMO/strategy delivery methodologies like the IMPACT Engine System®, along with global cutting-edge expert coaches and partners, to focus on business needs and deliver fast results for clients.
    He is changing local PMO culture by sharing his expertise through speaking events, the PMO Slovenia community and the PMOexpert Mastermind workshops he founded, to make a difference.