The Changing Role of Project Managers as Strategic Business Partners: The Competencies and Skills You Need to Succeed in Today’s Digital Transformation Age – Phil Weinzimer

    The role of the Project Manager is transforming from tactical into a strategic as companies now recognize the PMO function as a critical component to business success. PMOs across the world are leading IT/Business teams to develop new and enhanced products, services, and associated processes that increase the customer experience, improve margins, and enhance shareholder wealth. Understanding, assessing, and calibrating IT talent is more critical today than ever before. Project Managers today are required to be more strategic as they and IT personnel actively engage with business units to leverage information and technology to improve competitive advantage. As a result, you need to quickly assess and develop critical skills that enable you to actively engage and collaborate as part of business teams in leveraging information and technology to improve competitive advantage.

    Strategic CIOs have identified The Talent Gap as one of the biggest challenges-. More specifically, CIOs are concerned that the lack of business competencies and associated skills prevent IT personnel from actively engaging in a collaborative process as part of business teams.

    This presentation provides:

    o The key competencies and skills Project Managers need to exhibit to more effectively collaborate as part of business teams

    o An assessment process and methodology Project Managers can use to identify the gaps and improve the competencies of IT personnel for the critical IT skills.

    o The tools, techniques, and methodologies Project Managers can use to attract, develop and retain, top IT PM’s in their organization

    o Case studies that CIOs can learn from in identifying, assessing, and improving strategic competencies and skills of IT personnel.

    PMI Talent Triangle: Business Acumen (Strategic and Business Management) [0.75 PDU]