Throughput Accounting: The Missing Link Between Vision, Strategy, & Execution – Wolfram Müller

    We often hear Project Management Office (PMO) leaders lamenting, “Despite my best efforts, I can’t seem to improve project management.” Equally, senior executives voice their concerns saying, “Even after implementing a PMO, our delivery capabilities haven’t improved.” It’s indeed frustrating. The advent of Agile promised a panacea, but senior leaders are now knocking at our door saying, “After investing millions and restructuring into smaller teams and value streams, the situation has worsened – only costs have increased!”

    The crux of the issue is that most PMOs don’t make a significant impact. They focus on promoting processes, methods, and generating reports, attempting to enforce governance – but there’s a lack of genuine value creation. This core value creation remains the prerogative of those who handle Profit & Loss responsibilities. Agile is doing the same – just with more costs.

    It’s simple – if you’re not adding value, you won’t be valued. Without being valued, your capacity to effect meaningful change diminishes drastically.

    The mandate for PMOs is clear – they need to offer a unique value, something unparalleled within the organization. But the million-dollar question remains – what could that unique value be?

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