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    Moussa Gherbi
    Vice President, Customer Success, Planisware

    Overcoming PMyOpia – How to Keep PMO Execution and Company Vision in Sync

    As the project economy continues to grow rapidly, the importance of PMO organizations becomes increasingly more visible. PMO organizations are the enablers of both a company’s vision and its successful execution. Depending on the level of maturity of a company and their PMO practices and considering the quick changes companies go through regularly to stay relevant, it is expected to see discrepancies between vision and execution. This lack of alignment is what we call PMyOpia.

    During this session, we will discuss how to diagnose this condition that can affect PMOs of all sizes and experience. We will look at three key areas in which PMO organizations play a critical role: Execution, Enablement and Reporting. After looking at examples to illustrate the symptoms, we will discuss best practices and methodologies available to curb the effects of this condition. Specifically we will discuss how using Objective Key Results (OKRs), gated processes and scoring can help translate vision into tangible execution guidance.

    Scott Ambler
    Consulting Methodologist, Ambysoft, Inc.

    Artificial Intelligence for Project Managers: Are You Ready?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is finally coming into its own. Technologies such as ChatGPT, DALL-E, driver-assistance, and autonomous robots are clear signs of an AI-driven market shift. AI technologies, in particular machine learning (ML), are being applied in all sectors of the economy. Your organization is likely to soon be running projects to apply and even develop AI if it isn’t already doing so. Are you ready?

    This talk overviews AI and how AI/ML initiatives work. We also explore several critical challenges, including the experimental nature of AI initiatives, that data quality is critical to your success, the high failure rate of AI initiatives, and the ethical considerations surrounding AI. We examine the implications of these challenges and work through strategies to address them.

    Stuart Taylor
    Content Creator, Influential PMO

    Deliver Your Project Like a YouTuber!

    During the journey to create the Influential PMO YouTube channel, Stuart identified some interesting similarities to how social media content is created and how projects are managed. He also observed that whilst some project management approaches can help content creators; he also captured the skills and approaches used every day by content creators that would improve how we work in the project management. This presentation shares those lessons with you.

    Ken Burrell
    Co-Founder & Director, The PMO Professionals

    Lessons Learned or Lessons Lost? Common Pitfalls and Some Pragmatic Pointers

    Most project management approaches incorporate a lessons learned activity. But many organisations do little more than document experience and file it on a shelf, which is less like lessons learned and more like lessons identified, or even worse, lessons ignored.
    Some people in the PM community think lessons learned is so broken it’s not worth doing. Ken Burrell thinks there is still value to be had, with the application of some pragmatic primping.
    This session (based on his book) looks at how organisations learn from projects, how it goes wrong, and offers some ways to fend off failures.

    Sara Ellington

    Resource Estimates in 20 Minutes or Less: Can it be Done?

    For many organizations, getting reliable resource estimates for upcoming projects can be a lengthy, burdensome process. Often many busy, senior resources are solicited for inputs into the estimates which can cause delays in getting the estimates or take valuable resource away from higher priority work. This presentation will demonstrate a technique that organizations can apply to significantly reduce the need for manual inputs and help generate estimates more quickly.

    Ashleigh Clark
    Chief Optimization Officer,
    Process Alchemist

    Efficiency Unleashed: Crafting PM Process for the Real World

    Project Managers are frustrated. Organizations have more work than ever and traditionally planned strategies aren’t working or aren’t prioritized. The Process Alchemist strategy unleashes efficiency for your team by creating a hybrid project management methodology to increase efficiency, enable accurate delivery, and reduce frustration across the project team. I will detail how to create this strategy I have successfully implemented over the last 6 years to effectively intake, plan, prioritize, execute, and close out your project. The best part: this process is flexible enough to meet changing needs and can be repeated across teams, organizations, and industries.

    Zoe O’Toole
    PMO Consultant

    The Value of Asking Powerful Questions

    Asking the right questions gets people to think deeply, challenge their own assumptions and reach good decisions. As a PMO, the ability to ask powerful questions is a core skill which can significantly amplify the value of the services you offer. This presentation looks at the skill of not only asking powerful questions, it will also shine the spotlight on the complementary skill of active listening.
    Using real PMO examples I will explore some of the theory and directs benefits of using these skills effectively. Don’t underestimate the power of the ‘soft’ stuff. Let’s get back to basics and remind ourselves how we can make good PMO great.