Zoe O’Toole
    PMO Consultant
    Zoe is happy PMO bringing light and trust to organisations. Over 25 years of project management experience, specialising in PMO for nearly 15 of those, she works with clients across a broad spectrum from multinationals to individuals. Zoe provides consultancy, mentoring and presenting services. She loves PMO and chickens.
    Moussa Gherbi
    Vice President
    Customer Success
    Moussa Gherbi is the Head of Customer Success at Planisware. Trained as an Engineer in a top school in France, then as a Business & Technology Consultant at PwC in Paris, he has now been in the PPM industry for over 10 years. Moussa has always been passionate about identifying problems and finding solutions. He prides himself on challenging the status quo and being a driver for impactful and sustainable change. Combining this mindset with his experience, Moussa now focuses on delivering more value for Planisware customers by enabling the Customer Success group and building a customer-centric culture. As it related to the world of PMO, Moussa has been on both sides of the fence. He gets to speak with PMO organizations frequently within the scope of their Planisware program, focusing on understanding their business needs and improving their return on investment. Moussa also previously worked within a PMO during one of his long-term engagements at PwC. This gives him a good understanding of what companies expect out of their PMO organizations and what situations they may face, with a steady need for adaptation to change. Moussa strongly believes that PMO organizations are impact drivers and can be exceptional agents of change within a company.
    Stuart Taylor
    Content Creator
    Influential PMO
    Stuart Taylor is the creator of the Influential PMO YouTube channel, where he shares tutorials, tips, and opinions on all matters relating to project management, PMO, and assurance. He has worked on projects in banking, insurance, fintech, retail, local government, and health; and now - whilst juggling a full-time PMO role and enjoying a healthy family life - spends much of his time creating content that advises fellow professionals and newcomers on how to avoid the self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent projects from being successful.
    Ken Burrell
    Co-Founder & Director
    The PMO Professionals
    With almost 30 years’ experience in Research & Development and Change across a broad range of industry sectors, Ken’s background in engineering research and development and project management enables him to helps organisations to improve the way they change through the strategic application of the right PMO knowhow. Sometimes by supporting the controlled delivery of strategic change programmes, and sometimes by ensuring that senior management get the insights they need to make strategic decisions about those change programmes in the context of an organisational change portfolio. Ken specialises in providing independent, pragmatic advice about learning lessons from project delivery, and how to do it better.
    Ashleigh Clark
    Chief Optimization Officer
    Process Alchemist
    Throughout my 17 year career in IT and 14 in project management, I have learned that most portfolio, program, and project management strategies are written as if we live in a perfect world.
    Scott Ambler
    Consulting Methodologist
    Ambysoft, Inc.
    Scott Ambler is an Agile Data Coach and Consulting Methodologist with Ambysoft Inc., leading the evolution of the Agile Data and Agile Modeling methods. Scott was the (co)-creator of PMI’s Disciplined Agile (DA) tool kit and helps organizations around the world to improve their way of working (WoW) and ways of thinking (WoT). Scott is an international keynote speaker and the (co-)author of over 25 books, including Choose Your WoW!, Refactoring Databases, Agile Modeling, Agile Database Techniques, and The Object Primer 3rd Edition.
    Sara Ellington
    PMO Success Coach
    PMO Strategies
    Sara has worked across a variety of industries including healthcare, hospitality insurance and management consulting in her 20+ of working in the PMO space. Her experience spans both large, global enterprises (supporting upwards of 400 PMs on multiple continents) and a midsize, rapidly growing private equity-backed company.